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  • Holistic Skincare


    FACETS Skiincare is passionate about providing Holistic Services that benefit the skin from all levels on, all levels because truly everything is connected to everything.

    We are dedicated to take into consideration the mind, body & spirit when addressing your goals &  needs. 

    ~ Today’s fast paced lifestyles, increasingly toxic environment and damaging

    exposure to the sun affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. Our skin suffers greatly becoming dehydrated, undernourished, prematurely aged, excessively oily, acne prone, blotchy, lacking tone and resiliency. These conditions dull our glow.

    ~ As a Certified Holistic Esthetician, I address all the Facets of your skin care needs with 25 years of experience, exceptional quality products, and a wide range of professional services; all in a clean, tranquil environment.


    ~ You’ll be amazed with the noticeable improvements that can be accomplished in your skin’s appearance. Polish your Facets for true healthy skin. You owe it to yourself to rejuvenate not only your skin, but your body, mind, and spirit as well.


    ~~~Other FACETS services~~~

    Ongoing whole health education classes will be offered for various skincare & holistic health topics to help you become more informed and on top of the current facts & trends to help you shine your Facets

    enabling you to be & feel your best you.



    Only the finest, handpicked botanical based professional products from Pevonia, Russell Organics, Immortal Opulence, Flow, Simply Natural and more are among the products used for salon treatments and available for purchase to continued benefits at home.


    Available For Appointments

    (Hours flexible on request)

    Tuesday 2pm-6pm

    Wednesday 10am-7pm

    Thursday 10am-7pm

    (Some Fridays)

    Saturdays 10am-2pm




    Healthy Skin begins with a healthy attitude and a little attention to all the different Facets of whole health in addition to what you do to your skin. Choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Your Skin will thank you with a glow others will notice.


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  • Specials

    Relaxing Crystal/Light Chakra Balancing Treatments

    A wonderful opportunity to experience balance and deep relaxation

    after all we have been through.

    $20 for 20 minutes

    $30 for 30 minutes

    $40 for 40 minutes

  • Services

    Facials and other Services


    The Signature


    ... begins with a skin analysis and thorough cleansing

    followed by an exfoliation of dead surface cells, ultra fine vapor mist, impurity removal, massage of the face, décolleté, neck and shoulders to stimulate the skin while relaxing the whole body. A customized masque is applied then removed with warm towels. Lastly, a cool mist and appropriate protection. After one hour, you will feel rejuvenated and your skin will show it with a glow.

    The Organic


    ...includes all the same steps & benefits as the Signature treatment with the added benefits of using all organics products providing an option for ultra sensitive skin types and those committed to a totally organic lifestyle.

    The Men's


    ...includes the features of the Signature customized for the unique needs of a man's skin.

    The Young Start


    ...is for pre-teens and teenagers to provide skin care consultation, analysis, cleanse, specialized masque, appropriate protection and most importantly, education and customized home care regime for continued benefits.

    The Mini Cleanse


    ... is a refreshing cleanse, exfoliation, vapor mist and customized masque treatment. Warm towels are used to remove the masque, the skin is misted with a cool mist before finalizing the treatment with appropriate protection.

    A Little Chance to Relax -$50

    ...is a mini facial providing a relaxing pick me up starting with a cleansing followed by full facial, shoulder, décolleté, hand and arm massage customized masque treatment, cool mist & appropriate protection.

    The Acne Maintenance  $60

    ...a 45 minute treatment to accelerate deep pore cleansing between full facials.

    …add HF antibacterial treatment $10


    Seaweed Treatment...$15

    Aromatherapy Oils...$10

    Chemical Peel…$25

    Specialty Intensive Serums…$10

    Eye Treatments…$20

    Kansa Wand Massage…$20

    High Frequency Antibacterial Treatment…$15

    Mini Crystal Light Sessions…$15


    Rosacea Treatments*  $50.00

    ...a solution to this serious skin condition that helps bring visual relief with dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness and irritability by delivering healing ingredients. The skin is soothed, hydrated and protected.

    Lightening Treatments*  $60.00

    ...work on eliminating the reason for having hyper-pigmentation. Dark brown patches will look faded and light brown patches will fade away.

    Chemical Peel Exfoliations* -$35.00

    ...professional, accelerated removal of dead cells on the outer layers of the skin. Useful to help any skin with the following: age spots, acne prone, clogging and wrinkles.

    Deep Hydration Treatment $80.00

    ...a soothing, healing, lifting and deeply hydrating treatment utilizing the benefits of humectant serums and a cooling, soft, lift off masque. The skin feels lifted, refreshed, soothed, tightened and healthy. Recommended for all skin types especially sensitive and deeply dehydrated and/or devitalized.

    Aromatherapy Treatment  


    ...utilizes the powerful properties of pure essential oils and anti-oxidant ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. The skin is tightened leaving the skin looking vibrant. This treatment is excellent for skin types that are mature, sun damaged and/or devitalized.


    “New” Kansa Facial

    Massage Treatment


    …is a treatment using special facial oils and an Ayurvedic tool called a Kansa wand that has a wooden handle and a dome shaped surface of sacred bronze recognized in India as a healing metal. Massaging the face with the Kansa wand reduces stress and calms the mind to bring balance to your energies. The smooth metal heats up as it is massaged into the skin, normalizing the pH of skin alleviating problems such as acne and inflammation. It has been used for centuries to relieve stress, enhance health, increase energy, and leave skin glowing. Includes cleansing and final soothing protection.




    Aromatherapy Body Wrap - $90.00

    ...using the powerful properties of pure essential oils, your skin will be firmed, moisturized and velvety to the touch. The skin is first exfoliated, essential oils are applied, the body is enveloped in warmth, leaving time to relax in a tranquil setting creating a serene experience beyond that of just skin conditioning.

    Foot Treatments - $25.00 +

    ...relaxing Himalayan salt warming blocks, detoxifying foot soak & massage


    ~Soothes eye area, reducing fine lines

    & crow's feet.

    ~Moisturizes and protects the delicate eye area

    ~Performs a gentle firming effect on the lids

    ~Reduces shadows and refreshes the eye area

    Alone as thirty minutes of pampering for the delicate eye area...$30.00

    Added to a facial...$20.00


    Eye Lash Tinting...$25.00

    Eyebrow Tinting...$10.00

    Lash & Brow Combination...$30.00


    Only the gentlest, finest hard wax is used for...

    Lip...$10 Eyebrow...$14

    Chin...$10 Underarms...$15

    Sides of Face...$10 Bikini Line...$25+

    Full face...$30 Brazilian...$75+

    Full Leg...$75 1/2 Half Leg...$50

    Stomach...$15+ Back...$45+


    (Consultation necessary prior to session)

    20 minutes…$25

    40 minutes…$35

    60 minutes…$65

    Package of 100 minutes…$100


    *This treatment should be done once a week for (6) weeks.

    All Treatments available for purchase as package of 6 for the price of 5


    Ask About

    ~ Custom blended personal essential oil blends and perfumes are available with consultation

    ~W.I.S.E. Weight Management programs for individual and groups.

    ~ Holistic Health Classes, workshops & seminars

  • Events & Classes


    2021 will be filled with many new services, products, classes and events.

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