“It is an honor to be working aside professional chemists, formulators, plant growers & alchemists and a sincere pleasure to share with my clients such innovative products and tools as a result. Handcrafting unique, healthy, toxic free skincare products that can be found nowhere else at an affordable price is a new FACET of my business that I am excited to share. I hope you find this website an enjoyable place to visit as a resource for products and information that enhance the quality of the mind, body & spirit creating everlasting beauty in a healthy way using wisdom of the ages.”...Lisa Catherine, Certified Holistic Esthetician

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Lisa Catherine’s passion for, and journey through, a holistic esthetics career was inspired first by her fascination of ancient history and the beauty secrets of Cleopatra beginning at a very young age. Coupled with growing up with 2 grandmothers who both achieved elegance and beauty from two totally opposite approaches, simplistic & extraordinary, she saw the benefit of both and has blended these styles in her work today as a Certified Holistic Esthetician. 

Another root facet of Lisa’s work has been her desire to learn about and live a healthy, holistic lifestyle. As a young pregnant mom, Lisa’s extensive devotion to a healthy pregnancy and child opened her eyes to just how little she had been taught in the school system about health. As a single mother unable to travel across the country to obtain a degree in Naturopathic medicine, she entered a college program in Nutrition followed by a certification in Esthetics which enabled her to work indirectly with clients who were seeking a holistic approach to healthy skin. The professional services offered at her business, FACETS Skincare by Lisa Catherine, is based on the principles and practices supporting her belief that skin is a reflection of health and is best addressed from the inside out as well as the outside in. 

Her daughter's cancer diagnosis in 2007 catapulted Lisa’s determination to learn about and share the importance of being aware of the toxic ingredients in our personal and skincare products. As her experiences with the need to advocate for integrating a holistic approach to health with family and friends, so did her passion to share what she was learning. Years later, seeking to further her education in whole health and patient advocacy, she began a whole health education program that fueled an additional goal to assimilate this information in a way to best benefit those she serves.

Combining decades of experience working with all phases of skin types & conditions, researching holistic health, cosmetic chemistry and lessons from ancient wisdom, Lisa’s newest endeavor of handcrafting products for specific needs of clients, friends & family, has come to fruition with her own line of cosmetic formulas. Along with use in the treatment room they are now available for home care to her clients as well as here on this website. Lisa is pleased this project has manifested into an opportunity to offer a plethora of advanced and affective products including her own and is extremely grateful to those who have supported her journey. She is living her passion to be able to dive into the fascinating history and advanced wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures as an adult and in turn be able to offer extraordinary products, services and information she is accumulating as a result. 

As we learn & grow as a company, we will be sharing education and serving our clients with Please feel free to contact Lisa with any questions. The FACETS Skincare by Lisa Catherine websites and Facebook pages are full of more information about her in person services, classes and workshops in Central Connecticut. She is also available for speaking engagements.